Extension of the range of outdoor wall lights

We have expanded our range of outdoor wall lights, currently in a modern design with black matt paint. The luminaires are characterized by a durable metal construction, increased rain and dust protection and are thus designed primarily for outdoor use on the facades of houses, buildings and walls.

GUBE luminaires are minimalist designs in round or square form. In the round design, it is also possible to choose a luminaire with two bulbs, which then radiate downwards and upwards above the luminaire.

GXPS153 GUBE-R Black GU10               GUBE-R Black GU10 | GREENLUX

GXPS154 GUBE-R Black 2GU10             GUBE-R Black 2GU10 | GREENLUX

GXPS155 GUBE-S Black 2GU10             GUBE-S Black 2GU10 | GREENLUX


On the other hand if you want to have a distinctive design element on the wall, you can use LEMMY luminaires for lighting.



The TILL 6W Black NW luminaire is equipped with two integrated LED light sources. The light source is not user replaceable but offers a great variability of light output. The luminaire has adjustable shades on the upper and lower light source which allow the beam to be adjusted from a narrow beam to a wide beam (approx. 100°). The façade illuminated by TILL can look different every time according to the user’s taste.

In the case of BRICK Black 2GU10, it is not a new type of luminaire but only a supplement to the original grey version with a black variant.

GXPS081 TILL 6W Black NW               TILL 6W Black NW | GREENLUX

GXPS002 BRICK Black 2GU10              BRICK Black 2GU10 | GREENLUX

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  • Description
  • ¨Width (cm)
  • Alarm [db]
  • Application language
  • Ballast
  • Battery power supply
  • Beam angle (°)
  • Cable lenght (m)
  • Carton volume [m3]
  • Color
  • pa_color-of-suspended-luminaires
  • color-rendering-index-r
  • Compatibility
  • Connection
  • Degree of protection IP
  • Depth (mm)
  • Detection range (m)
  • Detection range [m2]
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Diffuser
  • Dimmable
  • EEI Class (2019/2015)
  • EPREL No.
  • ETIM EC - Class
  • ETIM (EF026118)
  • ETIM EG - Group
  • Frekvence
  • Frequency
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  • GREENLUX Profi
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  • Installation height (m)
  • Insulation class
  • IR range night vision [m]
  • Lamp base
  • Lamp current (mA)
  • Lamp lifetime (h)
  • LED type
  • Lenght (mm)
  • Light color
  • Light source
  • Load capacity (kg)
  • Luminous flux (lm)
  • Material
  • Max. current (A)
  • Max. operating time (min)
  • pa_max-power-in-emergency-mode-w
  • Max. power LED [W]
  • Max. power (W)
  • Max. SD Card Size GB]
  • Max. voltage (V)
  • Maximum resolution [px]
  • Min. operating time (s)
  • Min. Power (W)
  • mounting-hole-diameter-
  • Mounting point spacing
  • Network standard
  • Night vision mode
  • Noční vidění
  • nominal-cross-section-m
  • Nominal voltage[V]
  • Number of LED
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  • Number of tubes
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  • packing-pieces-in-a-car
  • Placement
  • Power factor Pf
  • Power supply
  • Range (m)
  • Rated power[W]
  • RoHS
  • SD Card slot
  • Sensor operating angle (°)
  • Sensor type
  • Signal coverage [°]
  • Socket
  • pa_spacing-of-mounting-points-mm
  • Standard
  • pa_suitable-for-built-in-mounting
  • pa_suitable-for-ceiling-mounting
  • pa_suitable-for-surface-mounting
  • suitable-for-wall-mount
  • Supply current [mA]
  • Supply voltage (V)
  • Supported OS
  • Surge protection [kV]
  • The certification marks
  • the-color-temperature-t
  • The light color
  • The luminaire reflector
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Use
  • Video compression
  • Viewing angle [°]
  • Weight (g)
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  • Working temperature
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