Extension of warranty period for selected products

Today, as society becomes increasingly dependent on technology and electrical equipment, it is important for everyone to be sure that their investment is protected. For the luminaires we use every day in our homes and workplaces, the warranty is particularly important. Greenlux is therefore extending the warranty period of selected products from 1 May.

The quality of our products

Trust in the quality of our luminaires is a priority for us. We confidently stand behind the fact that our luminaires are made from high quality materials and with the latest technology, which allows us to offer an extended warranty period to our customers.

Long-term relationship with customers

We want our customers to feel that they are in good hands with us even after their purchase. By offering an extended warranty, we want to strengthen our relationship with our customers and show that we care about their satisfaction and trust.

Environmental responsibility

We believe that long product life is also an environmentally responsible decision. Extended warranty periods can promote sustainability by reducing waste and the need for frequent replacement of luminaires.

Economical advantage

Last but not least, the extended warranty is a cost-effective option for customers who can reduce their repair and maintenance costs during the lifetime of the luminaires.








The process of manufacturing luminaires in our company is not a static process, but a dynamic cycle of continuous improvement and innovation. Through careful testing and constant upgrading of our products, we can guarantee that our luminaires are not only high quality and safe, but also modern and functional.

By extending the warranty period of our luminaires, we show that we are convinced of the quality of our products.

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  • Description
  • ¨Width (cm)
  • Alarm [db]
  • Application language
  • Ballast
  • Battery power supply
  • Beam angle (°)
  • Cable lenght (m)
  • Carton volume [m3]
  • Color
  • pa_color-of-suspended-luminaires
  • color-rendering-index-r
  • Compatibility
  • Connection
  • Degree of protection IP
  • Depth (mm)
  • Detection range (m)
  • Detection range [m2]
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Diffuser
  • Dimmable
  • EEI Class (2019/2015)
  • EPREL No.
  • ETIM EC - Class
  • ETIM (EF026118)
  • ETIM EG - Group
  • Frekvence
  • Frequency
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Frequency power (Hz)
  • GREENLUX Profi
  • Height (cm)
  • Input voltage (V)
  • Installation height (m)
  • Insulation class
  • IR range night vision [m]
  • Lamp base
  • Lamp current (mA)
  • Lamp lifetime (h)
  • LED type
  • Lenght (mm)
  • Light color
  • Light source
  • Load capacity (kg)
  • Luminous flux (lm)
  • Material
  • Max. current (A)
  • Max. operating time (min)
  • pa_max-power-in-emergency-mode-w
  • Max. power LED [W]
  • Max. power (W)
  • Max. SD Card Size GB]
  • Max. voltage (V)
  • Maximum resolution [px]
  • Min. operating time (s)
  • Min. Power (W)
  • mounting-hole-diameter-
  • Mounting point spacing
  • Network standard
  • Night vision mode
  • Noční vidění
  • nominal-cross-section-m
  • Nominal voltage[V]
  • Number of LED
  • number-of-pcs-in-a-cart
  • Number of tubes
  • Output voltage (V)
  • Packing
  • packing-pieces-in-a-car
  • Placement
  • Power factor Pf
  • Power supply
  • Range (m)
  • Rated power[W]
  • RoHS
  • SD Card slot
  • Sensor operating angle (°)
  • Sensor type
  • Signal coverage [°]
  • Socket
  • pa_spacing-of-mounting-points-mm
  • Standard
  • pa_suitable-for-built-in-mounting
  • pa_suitable-for-ceiling-mounting
  • pa_suitable-for-surface-mounting
  • suitable-for-wall-mount
  • Supply current [mA]
  • Supply voltage (V)
  • Supported OS
  • Surge protection [kV]
  • The certification marks
  • the-color-temperature-t
  • The light color
  • The luminaire reflector
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Use
  • Video compression
  • Viewing angle [°]
  • Weight (g)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Working temperature
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