Extension of warranty period for selected products

Extension of warranty period for selected products Today, as society becomes increasingly dependent on technology and electrical equipment, it is important for everyone to be sure that their investment is protected. For the luminaires we use every day in our homes and workplaces, the warranty is particularly important. Greenlux is therefore extending the warranty period […]

The first news of 2024

The first news of 2024 One of the first news in our offer in the year 2024 is the built-in presence sensor PRES SENSOR 31, which is designed for long-term motion detection.We have also included in the offer the attached SENSOR 68, which is intended for sensing long, narrow spaces, and is equipped with three […]

Expansion of the offer of LED high bay lights

Expansion of the offer of LED high bay lights We have expanded the offer of LED high bay lights with the new GOLEM, with which the user has the option of easily switching between three outputs: 85W, 120W, 150W (LOW/MID/HIGH). The luminaire achieves a high specific power of up to 152lm/W. The entire light fixture […]

Technical Department Greenlux

Technical Department Greenlux Why trust us? From offices and schools to warehouses, factory halls and public spaces, lighting plays a vital role in our daily lives today, playing a key role in ensuring comfort and safety. But what goes on behind the scenes to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency […]


DUST LED PREMIUM We have added to our assortment the dustproof luminaire DUST LED PREMIUM in four versions – 20W (600mm), 40W (1200mm), 58 and 77W (1500mm). The luminaire with high IP65 protection is suitable for industrial and general use for lighting both indoor and outdoor areas (e.g. production halls, warehouses, etc.). DUST LED PREMIUM […]

We are expanding the DECENTLY and JACK PIR series

We are expanding the DECENTLY and JACK PIR series It is a pleasure for us when we include a new product in our range that meets with success with our customers. We can say this about the DECENTLY and JACK PIR lamps. Thanks to their minimalist dimensions they are suitable for installation in conventional mounting […]

Extension of the range of outdoor wall lights

Extension of the range of outdoor wall lights We have expanded our range of outdoor wall lights, currently in a modern design with black matt paint. The luminaires are characterized by a durable metal construction, increased rain and dust protection and are thus designed primarily for outdoor use on the facades of houses, buildings and […]

Spotlights DAISY BETA

Spotlights DAISY BETA For outdoor lighting, LED spotlights are a proven and economical solution. The DAISY BETA spotlight range is also affordable and offers a variable solution with motion sensor. We supply four power versions of 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W, which can reliably replace the original halogen spotlights with their power and at the […]

SMART LED lamps – with the possibility of changing the chromaticity temperature

SMART LED lamps – with the possibility of changing the chromaticity temperature We have innovated the long-standing popular luminaires in the modern design LED SMART  and now they are also available with the option of changing the chromaticity temperature using an integrated switch (3000/4000/6000K – warm, neutral and cool white). The luminaires can be purchased […]

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  • Carton volume [m3]
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  • Network standard
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  • Socket
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  • Standard
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  • pa_suitable-for-ceiling-mounting
  • pa_suitable-for-surface-mounting
  • suitable-for-wall-mount
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